About the Doctor

When she was 10 years old she knew that she would be a physician, and
that she would somehow dedicate her life to helping people.  But it wasn't
until she was 17 that she realized that her method of helping people would
deviate from the traditional, medical approach.  Marilyn decided to spend
time as a chemical engineer, until she discovered how to fulfill her life's
mission.  She obtained her BS in chemical engineering from Mississippi
State University in 1983.

It wasn't until 10 years later that she heard, recognized and obeyed the
voice that prompted her to go to chiropractic school.  She graduated from
Life University in 1997.  Following her graduation, she moved to
Birmingham, Alabama, where she has devoted her life to assisting her
patients to regain and maintain their health, and to discover and fully live
their life's missions.

Constantly following the voice of Divine guidance that has continued to
direct her life, Dr. Elliott began her study in Energy Medicine under Dr.
Devi Nambudripad in 2003.  She  holds the highest available
Advanced-Level NAET certification, and
is currently the only
certified NAET practitioner in the state of Alabama.
December 2004, she was selected to serve on the editorial board of the
peer-reviewed Journal of NAET Energetics and Complimentary Medicine.  
She now serves on the Nambudripad Allergy Research Foundation
Research Committee.

Dr. Marilyn Elliott has presented several seminars as a guest lecturer on
allergies, chiropractic,  glyconutrition and other health-related topics.  Her  
seminar on Adult Stem Cell Proliferation Using Glyconutrients was
presented at UAB Hospital in April 2005.

Since her focus is to provide support in all aspects of her patients' lives, Dr.
Elliott uses her talents as an energy-healing intuitive by a
dding Emotional
Energy Healing to her repertoire.  Once she experienced the profound,
life-changing healing this modality offers, she felt it her duty and calling in
life to offer it to her patients, so that their lives may be enriched as much
as hers had become.

Along with chiropractic, this practitioner specializes in  allergy elimination
using energy medicine, and other energy healing modalities.  She utilizes  
NAET, Emotional Energy Healing,  molecular hydration, and
traditional Chinese medicine principals,  to assist her patients
in reclaiming and retaining their health.