ZYTO Elite BioCommunication

What Is Your Body Saying To You?

Your body is energetically connected to itself and is constantly communicating with itself millions of times per second, and almost totally without your
conscious awareness.  The primary function of this intricate communication is to maintain homeostasis, a condition of physiological stability or
equilibrium--a state in which all bodily functions are performing “just right”.   Now, with the help of the ZYTO Elite's bio-communication technology, you
may find out what your body is telling you it needs.  The ZYTO Elite is designed to ask your body questions, and record your body's responses.   It can be
compared to a very long detailed health questionnaire.  The ZYTO Elite's technology can ask many thousands of questions and provide the body's
answers in just minutes.

You simply rest your hand on the hand cradle while the computer sends signals representing virtual stress items (VSIs) and gathers your body’s
response data. This  “conversation” between your skin and the computerized software program allows you to communicate both physical and emotional
imbalances. The information gathered pinpoints the best approach to bring the body back into balance.  Dr. Elliott utilizes the ZYTO Elite software and
collection of biosurveys to assist her with the NAET protocol.  For example, although she had used the muscle response testing to determine that her
young patient was suffering from an allergic reaction to a food and a microbe, the ZYTO Elite was used to isolate which of the hundreds of pathogens the
little one needed a treatment for.  The doctor and the patient's parents were thrilled that painful symptoms, which included severe stomach pains and
diarrhea, ceased soon after her treatment.

Who Could Benefit From A ZYTO Scan?

Everyone!  As a society, we spend billions of dollars each year pursuing better health.  We try to eat the right foods and take supplements to help us
achieve and maintain peak performance.  But how much of this is guess work?  How do you know if you're making the best choices for you as an
individual?  Using ZYTO bio-communication, Dr. Elliott discovers specific, individualized information that enables her to design a personalized health and
nutrition program.  It provides insights that can make a significant difference, so that you may provide your body with the specific nutrition and care it
needs to allow it perform at its highest level.  When you're functioning on 'all cylinders', you feel better and have more energy.  ZYTO wellness and
decision support software can help you maximize the investment you make in your health. Since your body already knows what it wants and needs, all
you have to do is have a way listen to what it has to tell you.

What the Zyto Elite Bio-communication Provides

Your ZYTO scan can provide you with the following information:
Your body's reaction to foods--which food or food groups your body prefers to have or avoid
Nutritional needs--which supplements you have a bio-preference for (what are your supplements doing for you?)
Which heavy metals or chemicals are you struggling with?
Does your body really want hormone replacements? Which hormones? How much?
Which or your organs need detoxification? Which products would provide the optimal detox or nutritional support?

You May Receive Your Scan Wherever You May Be!

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to or would just prefer not to personally come into the office, you may receive the same ZYTO Elite scan in the
comfort of your home.  You may purchase a ZYTO hand cradle from our office. After you use it, you may return it to our office, and we purchase it back
from you for the price you paid for it.  If you want to keep it for future use, it's yours.  Once you receive your hand cradle, you will be guided to install the
ZYTO virtual office software onto your Windows OS PC, and once you receive your invitation from the doctor to meet her in the virtual clinic, you will be
ready to begin.