ALLERGIES---nothing to sneeze at!!
Most people associate allergies with itchy, runny, and sneezy noses, but allergies can encompass
much more than the common symptoms associated with hay fever.  The term "allergy" can refer
to a wide range of allergic reactions that can occur in any and all parts of the body -- some of
them life-threatening.

Allergic reactions can manifest themselves in many different ways.  For instance,
a person may have difficulty breathing, have coughing or sneezing fits, get stomach upsets, their
skin may break out in rashes,  they may have unexplainable pain in any organ, muscle, or area
of the body, or a chronic illness for which no medical diagnosis can be determined.
Hay Fever
Allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, is the term used for allergic reactions
in the nose and sinuses, and is most familiar as an allergy. Allergic rhinitis is
caused by exposure to airborne allergens and may involve pollens, dust mites,
molds, pet dander, smoke or perfumes.  But did you know that allergic rhinitis
or sneezing can be caused by foods, as well?
Food Allergy
An allergic reaction to certain foods may manifest as an upset stomach, loose
stools, vomiting, skin rash, or brain fog.  Allergic reactions to food can appear, in
some cases, as soon as a few minutes, or as late as a few days after the substance is
ingested.  The most common food allergens are milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts,
shellfish, soy, tree nuts, and fish.  But did you know that fruits could cause
bed-wetting, or that some foods could cause insomnia? There are even cases where
foods high in vitamin C have caused high blood pressure.
What's Different About Our Approach to Allergies?
N.A.E.T. (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique)
N.A.E.T. stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique, and is named after the founder of NAET, Dr.
Devi Nambudripad.  NAET is a revolutionary treatment that uses Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Kinesiology to  
desensitize people of all ages to all kinds of allergens.

According to Dr. Nambudripad,
there is hardly any human disease or condition in which allergic
factors are not involved.
 Millions of people have allergies that cause such health conditions as: asthma, crohn's,
chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, candida, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, high blood pressure,
ADD, ADHD, autism, etc.  We normally associate allergies to bee stings, pollen, wheat, or animals, with reactions such
as bowel syndrome, digestive disturbances, bloating, gas, heartburn, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue syndrome,
anemia, mental fog, anxiety, body pain, ADHD, depression, or even joint pains .

From the conventional medical perspective, an allergy is a hyper-responsive immune reaction.  In NAET, allergies
are viewed holistically, based on Oriental medicine principles.  Here,
the allergic response is viewed as a condition of
unusual sensitivity of one person to one or more substances that may be harmless to the majority of individuals
NAET theory, therefore, defines allergy in terms of what a substance does to the energy flow in the body.  Allergies,
then, are the result of energy imbalances in the body, leading to a diminished state of health in one or more organ

Contact with an allergen creates a blockage in the body's energy pathways, which are called meridians. This energy
blockage causes interference in communication between the brain and body via the nervous system. This blocked
energy flow is the first step in a chain of events which can develop into an allergic response.

Dr. Devi Nambudripad has trained more than 8,000 healthcare practitioners from all over the world including
chiropractors, medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy, and acupuncturists. To date, thousands of people have been
successfully treated with amazing results.  
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Any substance under the sun, including sunlight itself (sun allergy) can cause an allergic
reaction in any individual.
 Your headache, reflux, fatigue or brain fog could be a reaction to water, B vitamins,
calcium, or vitamin C... substances that are supposed to be good for you.  Unfortunately, if you have an allergy to an
item, the body's energy meridians will become blocked in response to contact with the allergen, and will respond by
either storing the substance in the body as a toxin, or purging the substance as much as possible.  This means either:

1) The body is not assimilating nutrients that are crucial for normal physiological functioning, which will lead to
health problems due to deficiencies.  For example if you are allergic to iron or vitamin C, your body could reject them
and all the functions upon which they rely would become compromised.  Ultimately your body would become
deficient of that particular nutrient.

2) When the body's energy meridians are blocked and all the symptoms of allergies are apparent, serious health
problems or disease can result if the condition is not corrected.

Hidden or chronic allergies can cause severe developmental and functional problems, deficiencies, or chemical
imbalances.  For example, an allergy to B vitamins can cause B vitamin deficiencies and result in degenerative
conditions of health such as chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic asthma, fibromyalgia, digestive disturbances,
psoriasis, eczema, depression, and headaches.  An allergic response to calcium can cause joint or arthritic problems.
When allergies to crucial nutrients are cleared, the body can begin assimilating them optimally and quickly replenish
the depleted stores to restore good health.

Allergies are treated one at a time with this technique, beginning with the
basic fifteen allergens .  These are not
only the most common allergies, but are also key nutrients and crucial building blocks for the immune system.

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